Established in Magdeburg (Germany). It is characterized by its high production capacities and its high level of technology. A high product quality, a high degree of service, flexibility and reliability, are requirements which are among stands of Nordlam corporate philosophy.


Established in Valdaora (Italy) and in Strassen (Austria). It manufactures top quality solid wood panels. Its factories produce more than five million square meters of wood panels, monolayer and multilayer.


Based in Germany, it is one of the most innovative companies of the German industry, with a variety of solid wood processing. The wood that it uses comes from sustainable forestry, with a wood of high quality and with a variety of finishes.


Company located in Coniolo (Italy), with a production capacity of 160,000 cubic meters per year, in a continuous process of 345 days, the line I-PAN works with a production process of quality for an excellent product. Italian raw materials are used with a short chain and the plantations comply with the standards of forest management.

Lamel Legno

Italian company, successful thanks to the advanced technology and the efficiency of advanced production lines, highly specialized in the production of boards and laminated profiles for the manufacture of Windows, stairs and interior decoration. It works with raw materials of high quality from European, American and Exotic species, with the most innovative technologies.


Established in South Tirol (Italy), it has contributed to spreading the importance of an insulated and ventilated roof in a professional manner. It has a wide range of coatings and breathable membranes, accessories for proper venting of waterproofing products and systems for the permanent safety of the roof.