Riwega offers a wide range of products for insulation and ventilation of the roof. To this end, it presents different lines:


· Ventilation elements: they include all the necessary to ventilate the roof since the opening of the couloir, in the ridge, the drain line and under cover.

· USB Screens and breathable membranes: with different variants to be able to use them under the roof or under the protective cover. All of these membranes are used for waterproofing and to make them resistant to water, as well as permeability to water vapour.

· Waterproofing techniques: open slots can produce problems of entry of heat in summer, heat loss and entry of cold air from the outsider in winter, condensation on the outer layers in winter and summer, reduction of comfort in the interior due to currents of air and noise. There is a wide range of products designed to give solution and eliminate these problems.

· Safety systems: to perform periodic checks and carry out ordinary maintenance on roofs, some elements can be placed to reduce costs and keep structures performing efficiently.